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Nick Boothby's Land Transfer Tax Calculator

What is Land Transfer Tax?

Land Transfer Tax is a tax payable by the purchaser on the amount paid for the new home. This applies if the home was sold at fair market value as occurs in a normal sale.

In Toronto the municipality imposes an additional tax to the one levied by the Province. Elsewhere in Ontario only the Provincial Land Transfer Tax applies.

The Ontario Ministry of Revenue defines Land Transfer Tax as follows:

"Land transfer tax is imposed on the acquisition of an interest in land by registered conveyance or unregistered disposition. Every person obtaining an interest in land is liable to land transfer tax. The tax is calculated on the value of the consideration for the transfer. In certain circumstances the Land Transfer Tax Act (Act) deems the value of the consideration to be the fair market value of the land. The Act defines land to include the land itself, buildings, estates, options, leasehold interests and fixtures."

The Municipality of Toronto also imposes a municipal Land Transfer Tax.

Calculate your Land Transfer Tax

This calculator is intended for residential use, not commercial and is for general information only. It is not intended to replace expert advice. It requires javascript and if you have disabled this in your browser then the land transfer tax calculator will stubbornly refuse to calculate!

Nick Boothby's Land Transfer Tax Calculator

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Am I Intitled to a Refund or Rebate on the Land Transfer Tax?

First-time homebuyers may be entitled to a refund of Ontario's land transfer tax, up to a maximum of $2,000. This refund is usually claimed at the time of registration. If not, the refund may be claimed directly from the Ministry of Revenue. Your lawyer will calculate this after verifying your eligibility. The City of Toronto also offers first time buyers a rebate on their portion of the Land Transfer Tax.

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