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What is a Sump Pump and How is it Maintained

Sump Pumps are a common feature in the Toronto Beach, but are very mysterious appliances for most people. People understand that their sump pump has something to do with pumping water but beyond this are ignorant of what they do and how they should be maintained.

I have a Sump Pump but I have no idea what it does.

sump pump in wine cellar/cold rooom

This is something we often hear!

A sump pump is a pump installed in the basement and whose job it is to help keep the basement dry, by removing water and draining it away from the house.

Typically the sump pump is installed in a shallow well, the sump, dug below the basement floor. As water accumulates in this well, the pump is activated and the water is pumped out. The switch is controlled by the water level.

In the New Beach / Woodbine Park area, the sump pump came as a standard building feature and were usually placed in the Cold Room. These often became Wine Cellars.

pedestal style sump pumpsubmersible

Styles of Sump Pumps

These useful but not terribly glam pumps come in 2 styles. A submersible version lives in the well. A second style lives outside the sump on a pipe sticking out. The outside style has the advantage of better protecting the pump.

In both cases the trigger to turn the pump on is a float type of mechanism. When the little float goes higher than the trigger height the pump switches on and empties the sump well.

Why is my Sump Pump Always Running?

There are many reasons for a sump pump going on.

How is a Sump Pump Maintained

Sump Pump are not prima donnas but they occasionally need to be checked over, cleaned, some need lubrication. The well should be cleared of any accumulated debris and sand.

A defective sump pump gives the wrong impression to a potential buyer. Either there is a water/drainage problem OR the home is not well maintained. A defective sump pump was a factor when a substantial sale fell through. The inspector pointed out the over-active pump and the nervous buyer immediately imagined the worse.

Sump Pump drainage

Sump pump should drain through the drainage sewer NEVER through the sanitary sewer. Eave trough down spouts follow the same rule and should never be connected to the sanitary sewer system. Any open drainage from the sump or rainwater should be directed well away from the house.

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