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Getting a real home ready and staged for sale.

Nick has sold more homes in The New Beach than anyone else. Thinking of selling? Trust Nick Boothby and his expert team to help you get your home in shape. Our proven real estate marketing skills, and experience will assist you in all your Toronto Beaches Real Estate needs.

Introducing the Home

This 1965 bungalow had been a couple's retirement home for the last 17 years.

The husband had looked after maintainance till his death about 5 years previously. Although the home was clean it was showing its age and was looking tired and old. Here is the story of how Nick and Christine got this home ready for sale.

The first step was a careful assessment of what the home was worth and what the best return on effort and financial investment would be.

Nick and Christine then formulated a plan to show this home to its best advantage.

Before, some photos.

Nice large Living Room but cluttered with lots of furniture, old fashioned window coverings and lots of knick knacks.

Dining room is large but stuffed with large furniture. The old fashioned vertical blinds are yellowed and damaged.

Kitchen is tired and stained. Lots on the counters and grouting stained. Everything is clean but looks dirty and dark.

Large bedroom has stained carpet, and lots of furniture (though no bed). It is being decluttered.

Master Bedroom is large and full of furniture. Office is tiny and full of large dark furniture.

Large panelled rec room / bed 4 is dark and dated. Note the orange coach lights.

2 washrooms appear small and old fashioned. Basement powder room looks downright uninviting!

So what happened!

  • Fist step was a massive unclutter. Some of the photos show boxes being filled. 15 years of clutter and knick knacks made their way out. Closets were emptied, old curtains / drapes and blinds were removed. Many pieces of furniture were removed.
  • Home was cleaned as much as possible. Since owners had smoked, there was a film of smoke on everything. There was also a strong smoke smell thoughout the home. Carpets were cleaned. Windows were cleaned. Floors were scrubbed. All light fixtures and switch plates were cleaned.
  • Home was repainted in modern neutral colours.
    From our experience, painting is one expense that repays for itself well above the cost of repainting.
    Small repairs were done but nothing major since there was no hope of getting back a large investment. Among repairs, were some filling of cracks in the front steps, caulking of cracks and holes, replacement of some moulding. Kitchen and bathrooms were recaulked. Although the garage roof was in poor shape it was determined that the expense would not be repaid. In a more expensive home, the work might have been worth doing. The mailbox, outside railing, hose holder and deck were all repainted.
    There was a great deal of wood trim in the home. Some was in good shape and some was stained and damaged. All the trim and inside doors were painted white. This had the effect of making the home look brighter, cleaner and more modern.
    Because of the smoke film, it was necessary to use a blocking primer in the more stained areas.
  • One of the bedrooms had a carpet glued over oak hardwood and it was decided to remove the carpeting to reveal the lovely wood floor. This was time consuming but the results were very encouraging.
  • Improving light fixtures is often a good investment and in this case 2 orange coach lights were replaced in the basement. Most light bulbs were compact fluorescents of small wattage. These were dark and gloomy. We put in brighter lights whenever possible. Some lights were brighter than an owner would like but for showing, brighter is often better.
  • We now had a clean, very empty home begging for arrangement and decorating. Nick arrived with his staging supplies and went to work.

A few "During" shots.

After Shots

For additional Photos have a look here.

NOTE: Nick and Christine worked very hard in preparing this property, but the owner was responsible for construction/ cleaning costs and materials used. We provided staging advice and materials at no expense to owner however. Once the home was clean and repainted, we staged it at no cost to the owner.

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Disclaimer: Nick Boothby and his team take great care in insuring the accuracy of our facts but some information cannot be verified. We do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process discussed or presented.