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Living in the Beach

The Toronto Beach offers a great deal to its residents. From quirky original wood frame cottages full of character to ultra modern spacious homes and condos, the Beach has it all. Few neighbourhoods inspire as much loyalty and many people will proudly tell you that they have been living in the beach all their lives.

Not only is the Beach home to people but also a large assortment of dogs enjoy the benefits of living in the beach. This area has one of the largest dog population in the City and a goodly number of services and shops exist to service the 4 legged population.

Shops and restaurants cater to both tourists who flock in during the summer, but also to locals living in the Beach year round. Queen St. caters more to tourists while Kingston Rd. has a more local clientele.

The Beach is well serviced by transit and living in the beach is not an impediment to working elsewhere. Buses go North to the Bloor Subway Line, while the streetcars run East-West along Queen and Kingston Road. There is also an express bus route to downtown at peak hours.

Driving is convenient for people living in the beach particularly in the Western parts. The New Beach area offers direct access to Lake Shore Blvd. E. and the Gardiner Expressway or Don Valley Parkway. Parking is at a premium as in all modern cities. The newer condo buildings and New Beach development have allowed for appropriate parking space. The Beach offers street parking, many front yard parking pads, and several municipal parking lots. Most homes in the Woodbine park New Beach have 2 car garages.

Living in the Beach Discovery walkThe City of Toronto has a series of discovery walks. This one takes you through Beach sights and gives you a glimpse of living in the beach.

Are you curious about a home's history? The City of Toronto has developed this guide to help you in you research your house.

There are a number of schools for children living in the beach.

  • Adam Beck Jr.Public School, 400 Scarborough Road, (416) 393-1682
  • Balmy Beach Jr. Public School, 14 Pine Avenue, (416) 393-1565
  • Beaches Alternative Public School, Junior K. to grade 4, 50 Swanwick Avenue, (416) 393-1451
  • Glen Ames Senior Public shcool, 18 Williamson Road, (416) 393-1800
  • Kew Beach Junior Public School, 101 Kippendavie Avenue, (416) 393-1810
  • Kimberley Junior Public School, 50 Swanwick Avenue, (416) 393-1450
  • Norway Junior Public School, 55 Corley Avenue, (416) 393-1700
  • Williamson Road Junior Public School, 24 Williamson Road, (416) 393-1480
  • Malvern Collegiate Institute, Public High School, 55 Malvern Avenue, (416) 393-1480
  • St.Denis Separate School, 67 Balsam Avenue, (416) 393-5310
  • St.John Separate School, 780 Kingston Road, (416) 393-5220
  • Notre Dame Separate High School, 12 Malvern Avenue, (416) 393-5501

For more information about schools and links to websites

In the website has a nice article on Living in the beach and its history and development.

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