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What are QR Codes?

QR codes have been appearing on some Real Estate FOR SALE signs, what's it about?

A QR code or QUICK RESPONSE CODE, is a variation on the familiar bar code. The QR code can carry more information because, unlike the barcode, which has only one row of numbers, the QR code provides many rows of data.

Any kind of data can be encoded in a QR code, including Real Estate information or link to a website about a FOR SALE property.

The Quick response codes were developed by DENSO WAVE (a data capture company owned by Toyota) to track vehicle manufacturing.

These codes are now used anywhere it is useful to attach information. It is still widely used to track manufacturing and transportation, but its uses have expanded since its inception.

Many mobile devices and smart phones support QR technology. When a user scans a code, information is transmitted to the device. This information could be a web or email address, sales information such as real estate descriptions, concert schedules or contact information. It can also, depending on the encoded label, allow the user to actually connect to a wireless network or open a web page in the device browser.

In order to be be able to read and interpret what is printed on the QR code, the mobile device has to be able to scan the information using a built in reader. An App then interprets the information and connects the user or displays the data.

What's on the Code?

QR code information mapping QR code of nick boothby's information

The code at the left says:

Nick Boothby
Real Estate Homeward Brokerage
1858 Queen St. E.
Toronto, On, M4L 1H1
Service and Integrity

Adoption by Wireless

Many Android, Nokia, Blackberry handsets, and the Nintendo 3DS, come with QR code readers installed. QR reader software is available for most mobile platforms. There are a number of online QR code generators which enable users to create QR codes for their own needs.

ZXING has a free online QC Code generator, zxing stands for zebra crossing.

Real Estate Uses

Real Estate Professionals were quick to recognize the advantages of posting more information or a link to more information on listed properties. In order to access the features of a home all the user has to do is scan the QR code and either gets more details such as pricing, or contacts the Agent, or links to the property website.

How Much information?

Depending on the type of information encoded (special characters such as Japanese Kanji take more space) between 7000 and 1800 characters can be put in a QR code. The amount of error correction safeguards for misreading will affect the amount of data stored.

Potential QR Security Risks

It is possible to create Malicious QR Codes who can, if security is not maintained, access a user's information and passwords. The usual precautions need to be taken.

There are apps for your phone which provides a preview to each code before it opens a webpage. This provides a level of safety. The usual warnings apply, have a backup of your phone, be careful if doing banking or shopping with your phone. For more information Better Business Bureau has an QR safety article. Here is another by PCWorld Australia

Wikipedia Article on QR codes.

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